Mexico City Launches Car Sharing Initiative

Mexico City has launched a new car sharing program, called Carrot Shared Automobile System. Carrot, similar to programs already operating in the United States, Germany, Canada and Brazil, among other countries, costs 90 pesos ($6.40) per hour, plus a 300 pesos ($21) initiation fee. Applicants must also a driver's license and proof of residence.


Officials hope the service will eventually help reduce traffic and congestion in the Mexican capital. Though the initial phase is modest-- Carrot currently has 20 cars and 16 drop-off locations-- Carrot executive Diego Solorzano thinks the company could eventually entice 15-530% of car owners in the city to sell their vehicles, and delay new car purchases for up to 60% of drivers. 


City authorities hope that the car sharing program will eventually take 40,000 cars out of circulaton in the populous capital.

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