Tourism Declared Priority by Mexico City Government

January 10, 2013

Mexico City Mayor Miguel Angel Mancera yesterday signed a Declaration of the Importance of Tourism (Declaratoria de Prioridad de la Actividad Turística), a formal pledge elevating tourism to one of his administration's top priorities. 
"Over the last several decades, tourism has become an essential and strategic part of Mexico City's growth, and a key driver of the well-being of our residents," said Mancera. 
As a part of the declaration, Mancera has instructed the Mexico City Secretary of Tourism, Miguel Torruco, to oversee a series of policy iniatives, including restructuring local tourism, implementing new standards for the industry, and the creating a tourism advisory board, which would include members of the private sector and the public. 
In 2012, Mexico City attracted 12.5 million national and international visitors. Tourism has a $4.4 billion USD annual impact on the destination. 

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